Checking out the Weekend Markets in Hong Kong!

Weekend Markets in Hong Kong

Broke in HK but still itching to update your wardrobe? Looking for some handmade crafts to bring back as souvenirs? Or even just hungry for a bit of freshly baked cake?

Weekend markets in Hong Kong are perfect to add onto your weekend itinerary, and I don’t mean weekend markets of the touristy sort such as those you’d find on temple street or in Mong Kok (god forbid I go there on a Sunday).

I’m talking markets with a carnival atmosphere offering unique hand crafted goods that aren’t too crowded and whose vendors who aren’t there to cut your throat over haggling. Sounds good don’t it? and yes, these sort of places actually do exist in Hong Kong – I was surprised, too.

Weekend Market Reviews: which is worth visiting?

I expect a lot from my weekend markets. They often aren’t in the most accessible of places and are out in the open. So it better be worth the damn trip down if I’m braving the weather for it. This weekend I visited two markets: The Pawn rooftop market in Wanchai and Handmade Hong Kong at Discovery Bay.

1. The Pawn Rooftop Market (frequent; for exact dates, follow the website/FB page) 

photo 4-3photo 3-3  photo 5-3

Rating: 2.75/5
A so-so market. It was small with very few vendors (limited rooftop space) and expensive. Not for anyone broke in HK. But with it’s central location, it’s worth checking out if you’re in the area and have some spare time. The food offerings looked pretty good, and you can get a proper meal here. Better yet, a portion of the proceeds go to a social cause.

62 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Facebook page:

2. Handmade Hong Kong (every second Sunday of the month at Discovery Bay)

photo 5 photo 1

photo 5-1

Make your own puppet at the market! This dear old man gave us a little performance.


The looong list of vendors for April’14

Rating: 4.5/5

DEFINITELY worth a visit. Put aside two hours to wander around this massive area, where you will find a huge diversity of vendors selling anything from outdoor barbecue sets to children’s apparel. Plenty of unique handcrafted goods, and most at very reasonable prices (e.g. 200~300 HKD for a dress, 50 HKD for earrings) A great place to pick up baked goods, produce, accessories, children’s apparel, home decor and souvenirs. I gave this weekend market a 4.5 only because the ferry trip over is really pricey, and I wish there had been some food vendors offering meals! Take all my money!!


Getting to Discovery Bay:

Discovery Bay is pretty accessible by MTR+Train or by ferry. The easiest way is to take the ferry from Central pier 3 that will take you to Discovery Bay’s pier, which is just next to Discovery Plaza where most of the weekend markets happen. It’s a 30 minute journey which runs every half hour (to and fro), and costs 37 HKD one way.


Other useful links to check out for more:

Island east markets (every Sunday):
Restarting in April 2014 with an Easter special, this is another big scale event held in Quarry Bay that is family-oriented. Expect entertainment, farmers’ produce, and handmade goods!

Sassy Hong Kong:
This online magazine has a section on weekenders! Signing up with their newsletter was how I came to know of the rooftop market at Pawn shop.

Best finds of the day! Vendor recommendations:

*Photo credits to their owners, who have been linked. The evidently crappier ones are mine haha. 

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to be at these markets (or even be in Hong Kong) to get your hands on the wonderful things I found today! Here are short introductions and links to some of the vendors that really made me wish I was swimming in HKDs.

Home Decor and Accessories: Deco Outfitter (personal favourite!)
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.29.34 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.29.47 PM copper_tritri_1024x1024
Amazingly trendy home decor and accessories.. I can’t stop looking at everything on the site. I bought this gorgeous necklace featuring a triangle with a copper and concrete combination pictured above. Prices at the markets are a little cheaper than those listed on the website, so it’s definitely a good idea to pay them a visit. Plus you get to meet and have a chat with the lovely couple behind the store, who took the time to tell me about how my necklace was made.
Don’t expect to find their full range, but you’ll get some wonderful necklaces and bags!
Follow their Facebook page to stay updated for when they’ll next be at a market:


Baked Goods: LINGourmet (personal favourite!)
photo 3-2 photo 1-1
photo 4-2 ling
By far the best looking baked goods I saw today! Extremely generous with their chocolate chunks and fruit bits, their baked goods taste as delicious as they look.
I caved in and got myself a blueberry yogurt cake – calories very well spent on this lightly sweet, blueberry laden moist slice of goodness.
Follow their Facebook page to stay updated for when they’ll next be at a market:

Stationery: Lion Rock Press



Beautiful and humorous stationery with an Asian twist created by a family besotted with paper. Expect an array of colourful wrapping paper (my favourite was one with dumpling prints) and adorable greeting cards!

Follow their Facebook page to stay updated for when they’ll next be at a market:


Apparel and Accessories: Island Workbench
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.48.52 PM
Started by two young graduates, they offer gorgeous handmade bags and clothes. I was particularly taken by this drawstring number above.
Follow their Facebook page to stay updated for when they’ll next be at a market:


Apparel and Accessories: Teppsaito
 Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.36.45 PM photo 4-1
A collection of apparel and accessories curated by a Japanese lady
 – I especially liked the lightweight dip-dye tshirt dresses and maxi skirts, made with natural dyes. Perfect for the summer weather. The canvas bags were also equally hard to resist!
Follow their Facebook page to stay updated for when they’ll next be at a market:


For the Kids: Suite Works
Product page_7_1024_EMXK
Started by a husband and wife team, these beautiful and practical outfits and accessories for children are lovingly handmade. Very tasteful and durable pieces made from lightweight fabric!
Follow their Facebook page to stay updated for when they’ll next be at a market:

*This post will be expanded as I visit more!

Insanely branded thrift store finds in Hong Kong

Turns out there’s a Salvation Army family store right next to where I stay, so I went in for a bit of a browse because, y’know, I got 20 hong kong dollars in my pocket.

So there I was, staring at the display window. “Nice”, I think to myself, “they’ve actually got some quality stuff here. Topsider boat shoes! Sperry boat shoes! Nubbad”. So I walk in, expecting maybe a couple of Topshops at giveaway prices.

What I find instead is wayyy beyond what I expected… (don’t I sound like a Buzzfeed article description right now? haha)

Before that though, I’m also on the look out for outrageous outfits to discreetly snap photos of to post up here. Like:


Periwinkle blue on a pastel base? Really? Scoff


ho ho GODDAMN PEONIES on a silk shirt, you can’t get anymore Chinese auntie than this

(Ok actually the clothes in there really weren’t that bad at all. These were honestly the WORST I could find. Even these I might wear if the granny mood came over me)

Then I start molesting the women’s jackets section and whoah- wait – that logo looks familiar. I take a closer look.


Why, yes. It is indeed what you think it is.



image from

72313_4678366073871_435152743_nimage from

One helluva heck of a brand to find in a Salvation Army family store.

A fully silk jacket going for 880HKD (~110USD). Their jackets usually range from 4000-6000HKD+. In a Salvation Army family store hahaha what.

Not quite what I was expecting with my 20HKD budget but, WOW.


image from

These guys have some awesome shit.

Dem Hong Kong donators got some standard, I’m pretty impressed.

I was actually thinking of donating whatever I brought over before leaving but ummm not sure I’d meet their standards with my cotton on dresses